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Reach your fitness goals through precision body analysis technology, with the Bowflex® 5728F Glass Body Composition Scale. Produced for & Taylor Usa. 1 for added precision.

Directed & Edited by Todd Hunter | VFX Color Correction & Voice Over by Joseph A. Free ach weight goals measure progress with the Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water , Body Fat Scale with Regular Athlete Mode.

Brand New · Taylor. NIB TAYLOR BODY FAT SCALE 5593FC ESTIMATES BODY FAT/ WATER STORES UP TO 4 USERS See more like this. The Bowflex Scale made by Taylor.

Taylor bowflex body scale σχόλια κλίμακας. This body analysis scale offers a full suite of features for measuring tracking your health objectives including body fat, body water muscle mass estimators.

This BMI/ daily calorie bath scale can measure your body mass index to within 0. FitDango Health & Fitness shop is your one- stop shop for all your Health & Fitness needs.
Variety of Health & Fitness products, accessories are available. BODY FAT DIGI SCALE SIL.

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Reach weight goals and measure progress with the Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water and Body Fat Scale with Regular and Athlete Mode. High- precision sensors estimate body fat, body water, and muscle mass percentages within 0.

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The Taylor 5728F Bowflex Body Fat Scale has a 400 pound capacity with 0. 2 pound resolution and kilogram weighing mode.

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This body fat scale has a durable glass platform, memory for 4 users and can measure your body fat, water and muscle with 0. Bowflex BMI/ Daily Calorie Scale. The Bowflex® BMI/ Daily Calorie scale features calories needed per day to maintain current weight, measures your BMI ( Body Mass Index), calculates the difference between current weight and goal weight, a large 2.
36" dual line display with reverse readout, capacity up to 350 lb, super thin ABS/ Glass ve bowflex scale to get e- mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.